Sweet Emma Brown isn’t so innocent?

You all might know @SweetEmmaBrown from the streaming community who is engaged in a relationship with Tyson Brooks currently.

We here are shocked to find out the following and bring it to you FIRST another exclusive!

It seems that Tyson Brook’s girlfriend has some skeletons in her closet, our LCWC team decided to investigate further.

After further investigation we have found out this from Tyson Brooks himself in an certified press release:  

This statement made by Tyson Brooks will if not already released shock the nation as we have tracked down photos of Emma with the baby.

As all of you reading this I am as well shocked to find out that more skeletons could be in the closet. How will Tyson Brooks act upon this possibly most exclusive blog post, we are not sure yet we bring this to the people for the people!

Please visit his site and wish him the best of luck in working out this matter here

Until next time, keep your ear to the floor and listen out.

Chris Ace2

New Techbuzz Merchandise?

You are looking at the new Techbuzz button. Yes that is right, this button was aquired for $500 from laaabaseball the owner / creator of gkurl.us who was heavily intoxicated at the bar at the time.

Stephen Heywood, Owner and host of the Techbuzz recently found out his new merchandise has been leaked and sent us the email below:

Dear Mr Ace,

This item was going to be launched at our next Mac’N’Tuesday and we are now launching a investigation into how laaabaseball actually got this item. Please return this button as local authorities have been notified and search warrants filed for.

You’ve made people aware of this and financially crippled the techbuzz’s profits.


Stephen Heywood
CEO / Host
The TechBuzz

After recieveing this email we have chosen not to return the button and are looking forward to what actions lay ahead.

What’s changed?! 

  • Higher Quality Pin and construction
  • New Logo
  • Larger design overall

Here is a picture of the old Techbuzz button that is going to be phased out:
Old Techbuzz Button 

Conclusion is we have this exclusive and released it to the people who count. Yes the streaming community!

Who knows what will happen to myself and laaabaseball possible jail but it was worth it.

Thank you,
Chris Ace2